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Version 3.5

* iOS 6 update, fixing the problem of the puzzle not being shown in the right place or the toolbar being misplaced 
* full Retina support (all icons have been updated to the retina resolution) 
* the password function for the players has been removed as requested by many users 
* in normal play mode the number of cheats is now unlimited

Version 3.2

Unfortunately there was a bug in the last version, which caused all games and user data to disappear. The data was internally moved and this new version restores all data to its original state. 

We apologize for this bug and hope you have lots of fun solving the puzzles again.

Version 3.1

* A bug was fixed in one of the Spot the Difference puzzles

Version 3.0

* Now 12 puzzles of each type included, that's 84 puzzles altogether 
* As requested, Expert Mode can be selected in the Settings menu and need not be selected before starting each puzzle 
* Full multitasking (Package download in the background, App resumes where you left off in Single-User-Mode) 
* Multi-User-Mode in Settings (for multiple users the App can be run from the log-in screen) 
* Removal of Demo-Mode 
* Stability Improvement in Grid puzzles in particular 
* After re-installation, free recovery of all packages purchased from the Store 
* Free recovery of purchased packages from the Store after a download error 
* Full App reset now possible to erase a corrupt database 
* Correction of an error which in some cases led to language choice problems

Version 2.1

* small bugfixes
* changes in the store

Version 2.0

*** Please update all your packages using the store within the app *** 
* The crossword puzzle can be solved in landscape mode 
* The clues in the crossword puzzle are now clickable
* The hint function has been rebuild
* The navigation through the puzzles has been enhanced
* Uncompleted puzzles are now marked in the puzzle list
* The last played puzzle is automatically shown after logging in
* Do it Yourself has been improved
* small bugfixes
* made for iOS 4.2

Version 1.0.1

* small bugfix release

Version 1.0

* first release