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iPuzzleHD Startup Screen

iPuzzleHD Startbildschirm
The iPuzzleHD startup screen. You can choose the different types of crossword puzzles.

Crossword Puzzle

iPuzzle Kreuzworträtsel

The crossword puzzle is solved with the keyboard. Just click on a clue or a box with your finger and type the word with the keyboard. If you click on a selected box again, the direction will change. With the cheat button you will get help in case you do not know the answer. Also the clue is shown bigger under the puzzle togethter with the current playtime and the penalty for cheating.

Spot The Difference

The Spot The Difference puzzle is made to be for kids. There are eight differences in the right picture which you ought to find.

Word Search

The words from the list are hiding in the word search puzzle. Search for them and swipe your finger over the word to mark it. Words in this puzzle may run from left to right and right to left, top to bottom and bottom to top or along any diagonal.



Select the box by touching it and enter the numbers using the number pad. With the lightbulb key you can note possible numbers as a help in the four corners of the box. Touching the lightbulb again will deactivate the feature. You can remove a number by clicking the Clear button.

Do It Yourself

Place the word from the two lists into the puzzle grid to complete the puzzle. Two help words are already included to get you started. The wordlists can be sorted alphabetically or by word length. The length of the selected slots is shown in the status bar at the bottom.

Grid Work

The words from the list are to be placed into their right spot in the puzzle. A help word is included to get you started. All of the words from the list should be used. For your convenience the number of letters required is shown in the front of each line and column.

Brick by Brick

Das Mosaik-Rätsel ist für Rätsel-Profis gedacht. Hier muss anhand des Startwortes und der Startsteine herausgefunden werden, wo die restlichen Steine platziert werden müssen. Dazu zieht man einfach die Steine mit dem Finger von der linken Seite an die richtige Stelle auf der rechten Seite. Um herauszufinden, wo die Steine hingehören, müssen die Wörter erraten werden, die mit den kombinierten Steinen herauskommen.
Auch hier können über die Schummeln-Taste die falschen Steine angezeigt, oder einzelne Steine geschummelt werden.

This puzzle is made for pros. It has been divided into 35 bricks which have been mixed up in the first part of the puzzle. In the second part of the puzzle, two bricks have already been put into their correct place. A help word is also given to get you started.
To solve the puzzle, just drag the bricks from the first grid to their correct spot in the second grid.


If you like the puzzle and want to have more, you can easily buy packages in the Store. The puzzles are bought through Apples InApp purchases and paid through your Apple account. You have different packages you can choose from.

Hint Menu

You can find the hint menu in all puzzle types. You can let the app help you, in case to do not know how to go on. The time penalties are shown behind the button.


You can get help in every situation in the game. Just click on the help button on the bar at the top of the screen.


In the Settings menu you can edit your player. You can set a password or connect to Twitter or Facebook. Here are some options for you:

  • Hide Words determines whether to hide solved words in Word Search, Do It Yourself and Grid Work.
  • Crosswords: skip letter will skip already filled in letters.
  • Left-handed will move controlls from right to left.