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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I cannot cheat a whole puzzle. Why?

A: The complete puzzle can be solved by the program as soon as you have solved at least 50% by yourself. It will keep the people who cheat the whole puzzle from getting into the highscore lists.


Q: Why is the Store not working on my iPad?

A: To get to the store Port 8181 must be open in your firewall. If you are trying to access the store from a company network ask your administrator. You can also try to access the store over 3G network.


Q: Will already purchased packages be charged again after I redownload?

A: No, all iPuzzleHD packages will only charge once per iTunes Account. If you use the same account, it will not be charged again, even is the app asks to "buy" again. Please do not leave the store until the download is finished.


Q: Why do I not see the package I have just bought, although it is marked as INSTALLED in the store?

A: This problem can occur, when you close the app while downloading the packages. Please update to the newest version of iPuzzleHD. You can redownload the packages and the download will continue in the background if the app is closed.


Q: I have played and solved all puzzles. Where can I get new puzzles?

A: If you played all puzzles in all packages, please write an email to