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iPuzzleHD - Crossword puzzles for your iPad

iPad mit iPuzzleHD

A game for crossword lovers and those who would like to become one.
iPuzzleHD lets you play crossword puzzles on your iPad. The App, which was created by a long-established and renowned puzzle producing company, enables you to enjoy playing several different kinds of puzzle on your iPad, wherever you may be.

You can try out every type of puzzle included in iPuzzleHD with twelve puzzles of each type, then you can visit the store to buy more of the ones you enjoy playing, just like an interactive puzzle magazine.

iPuzzleHD includes the following puzzle types:
* 12 Crossword Puzzles
* 12 Spot The Difference
* 12 Word Search
* 12 Sudoku
* 12 Do It Yourself
* 12 Grid Work
* 12 Brick by Brick
Whether adults compete with their puzzle-solving times or children enjoy playing Spot The Difference on a long car journey, the program has been developed for the whole family to enjoy. The App is really easy to use with your fingers - it’s just great fun for everyone!
* Puzzles for the whole family to have fun with
* Flexible store enabling you to buy exactly the puzzles you like
* App can be used by multiple players
* High-scores saved according to each user
* Your scores can be posted on Twitter and Facebook
* Help functions for revealing letters or words you might not know
* Expert mode for pros
* Left-handed mode
* Various settings available
* Game progress is saved at any time so you can continue where you left off, after creating a user
* Languages: English, German, French and Italian
Train your brain and raise your performance, because puzzle-solving is a great work-out for the brain.
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